I have never been good with keeping resolutions.

Quit smoking, I said.

Quit smoking, I did not.

Write a book about social media, I said.

Fuck that, I decided.

I changed my mind about that as soon as I realized there are way too many self-proclaimed social media experts who mistake their habitual googling as McKinsey-worth insights. I’m too egoistic to allow myself to be on the same shelf as the douchebags, bestseller or not.

Besides, I don’t have a religion to sell my book to.

Being one who lives Life as it comes, with a borderline suicidal just-fucking-do-it course of conduct, resolutions feel irrelevant and overly static.

I do however have 5 fucks I care about for 2014 as a result of my experiences in 2013. And perhaps even beyond. But let’s keep the point of view myopically seasonal for now.

1. Be a better daughter
Clearly, this goes beyond 2014 but I acknowledge my time with them is limited. The truth is, for most of my life, my relationship with my parents has been rather transactional. I’ll spare you the family history this time, but all that I am today, I owe it to them.

I thought different when I was younger. I was too blinded by my own pride to join the dots, to see how their upbringing led to me to where I am today. As a high-flyer back in my big ad agency days, I claimed full credit conveniently, disregarding all the sacrifices they made for me.

I did not breastfeed myself, I should’ve at least realized that, but I didn’t.

I lucked out when dad was first diagnosed with a brain tumour four years back. For all the time I have left with my parents, I’m just glad I was given the vision to see before it was too late.

2. Be a better friend
I’m the sort of friend who’d bail on you for dinner, but be the first to rush to your side should you feel like jumping off a building. Fortunately and unfortunately, my friends aren’t suicidal much. I’ve been blessed with friends who’ve been there with me for years, watching me grow. I should be there to watch them grow too.

3. Staying brutally honest
My words are sharp because I am blunt. It is tempting to be diplomatically correct and soak in deceit, but the truth is (pun not intended), I would rather not. To put it simply, it doesn’t make me happy to hear the lies I sing.

I happen to work in an industry that sells hope as much as it sells delusion.

I happen to work in an industry that celebrates storytelling as the product as much as it does as a tool to the product.

There is no doubt I love my industry, but the only thing that keeps my sanity intact is my disrespect for bullshit.

Same reason why there are only a handful of comrades I respect. You know who you are.

4. Grooming my people
At this point of my life, my people are my awards. They are my Best of Show. I have a duty to my people to make sure they take center stage this year. It’s their stage now, not mine. Which also means I’d be a complete ass to work with this year too. Heh.

5. Keeping fit and healthy
I don’t want to say Imma quit smoking and break the promise again. I am trying. Wish me luck.